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Oregano accounts for the greatest representative of aromatic plants. It is used in cuisines all over the world and since the ancient times it combines the benefits in health (antioxidant, anticough, antiseptic action) along with its multiple applications, since oregano is used in perfumery, pharmacy, foods and disease prevention in organic breaded poultry and pigs. Furthermore, it is antidiarrheal, anti-inflammatory and bactericidal. As a beverage it serves for colonic atony, cough expectorant, while it helps in cases of high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis. Oregano’s essential oil (oregano oil) is advised for reducing the toothache. The antioxidant activity of oregano is 12 times more powerfull than orange, 30 times than potato and 42 than an apple. Moreover, adding oregano in the food of your birds, keep potential diseases away.
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The thyme leaves, after dehydration, become brown-green and give off their scent when crumbled. Their taste is very strong, slightly caustic and rich. Along with the dried flowers, thyme leaves are used as spice for flavoring of different foods, such as fish, meat, various sauces and soups. Thyme is one of the basic ingredients for benedictine liquer.
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Rosemary is a multi-leaf and much-branded shrub with height up to 2 meters. Its leaves are coriaceous, small, linear and look like pine needles. The upper surface is dark green and below it is “woolly” in white or light grey.
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Sage has an intense aroma and is cultivated for its medicinal properties, as beverage and spice. The leaves, being the most utilized part of the plant, are collected just before or in the beginning of blossoming in dry or sunny weather, May or June, and are dehydrated in shady spaces.
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mountain tea
The genus includes approximately 150 species, which grow in Mediterranean regions, Canarian Islands and north Asia. Sideritis is an annual or perennial herbaceous plant, with no persistent woody stems above ground, coated by a woolly layer. The blossoms are yellow or white, small, in distanced or closed spines, without bracts. It belongs to Labiate family of plants. In Mediterranean the beverage of these plants is very popular and widespread.
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Laurel is a shrub or small tree. Its leaves are mostly arranged alternately, undivided, spear shaped, deep green with small stalk and slight undulant shape. They are aromatic and taste a little bitter. The plant blossoms in March and April. The fruit is drupe with fleshy pericarp and big sperm cell. Its colour is cyan-black or black when matured; it has oral shape and size of a small olive. Laurel oil is produced from the fruits, used in a form of cream and has green colour in usual temperature.
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lemon balm
There are a plethora of studies that account for oregano's beneficial effects on both man and the ecosystem.
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Arogaia is a small family business occupied with cultivation and trade of Greek Aromatic Plants of Superior Quality.

Since 2009 we grow, package and export organic herbs in more than ten countries in Europe and Asia.

With family-owned farms, long-lasting cooperations all over Greece and a packaging laboratory, which is legal, fully complied with National and European Legislation, we have the know-how, the will and the capability to provide our customers with superior quality products.

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Nowadays, more than ever, a turn towards sustainable agriculture is essential and urgent.

Our planet – due to the climate change that takes place and we perceive it more day by day – needs to be protected, so as to continue its existence and be able to offer a shelter for human race and all other living species that inhabit Earth.

Organic agriculture, proper water use, distance from overconsumption, recycling along with avoiding the depletion of our planet’s natural resources, constitute the means of achievement for Earth’s protection.

Our actions (all together and each one individually) can make the change.

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